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Word Play


Place the draw domino end of any players train. On their turn, they will draw one domino from the bonepile, place the draw domino out of play, and continue their turn as usual.


Place the Reverse domino on the Hub. Your turn is over. The order of play is reversed. When the second Reverse is played, simply take both Reverse dominoes out of play.


You can play the Wild domino as any numbered domino. That includes doubles. On one of our first games, my daughter played a wild as a double, covered it with a double, and then played a third domino.

If you play the domino as a number, simply declare what the number is when you play it. 


Show everybody the trade domino. Choose any player and give them one of your dominos and take any one of theirs. Then place the trade domino out of play.


To play the twist domino. make space between the last two dominoes of any train. Place the twist between them and twist their last domino around.


This will really change the game. Show everybody the derail domino. Now everybody takes a domino from the player on their right.